Effective patient flow is easier than you think

WorkflowRT minimizes wasted time for both patients and care providers. Powered by real-time location system (RTLS) sensors that you can set up yourself, you get truly automated patient flow for effective daily operations and unparalleled patient satisfaction.
Truly automated patient throughput

Let our location sensors do the work

True patient flow effectiveness means no forms, no data pulls, and no manual input. Our location sensors do the work for you with real-time locating system technology (RTLS) to keep your patient flow software automatically and continuously updated.

Improved Patient Throughput

Give your team real-time visibility into the current location and status of your patients throughout their visit with tools to manage their workflow and be aware of bottlenecks, long wait times, and unattended patients.

Superior Patient Experience

Waiting patients get frustrated, annoyed, and angry. And when waiting is unavoidable, uncertain waits always seem to take longer. Real-time visibility of the location and status of every patient lets staff know which patients need attention. And for patients and families, live view boards and automated text messages keep them informed.

Less burn-out, more compassion

Look, no hands! True automation means hands-free staff operation: no forms, no data pulls, no manual input. Real-time locating technology (RTLS) keeps your patient flow system continuously updated. Live patient status boards deliver real-time visibility to the who, when and where of every on-site patient, every minute of every day.

Self-install in as little as an hour

We’ve developed a complete, packaged solution with the easiest setup ever. It works right out of the box and anyone can set it up in as little as an hour. If you can plug in an Ethernet cable and a power cord, you’re good to go! And of course, if you need help, we’re always available for any support calls (although you probably won’t).

Our no-risk policy guarantees no regrets.

Our packaged patient flow solution comes with everything you need – software, hardware, services, and support – for a low monthly subscription fee. Test the Prompt.Health WorkflowRT patient flow solution at no risk. If you aren’t 100% satisfied, cancel within the 60 days.
For facilities of all sizes

Proven in large hospitals, scaled for your practice

From a single department to an entire clinic, our mission is to optimize patient flow, safety and satisfaction in every care setting. From outpatient clinics and surgery centers to group practices, hospital departments, veterinary practices and more, everything comes pre-configured to your specific care setting and practice workflows.
Getting started is as easy as 1,2,3

Works right out of the box and installs in as little as 1 hour

We pre-configure the system and ship everything to you so you can install it yourself in just three simple steps.
Proven outcomes

See what it can mean to your clinic in dollars and cents

Whether you want to accommodate more patients, use and schedule your resources more effectively, reduce staff burn-out and overtime, or improve patient satisfaction, we can help estimate the impact on your facility.
Reduce waiting, increase opportunity

Prompt.Health isn’t just our name; it’s our mission

Wasted time means missed opportunity – opportunity to grow your business, streamline your workday, and provide the best and safest care for your patients, Prompt.Health WorkflowRT provides the tools to drive continuous process improvements. With built-in reports you can keep tabs on your key metrics, start tackling areas for improvement, and measure results from day one.

Don't take our word for it.

Dr. Cathleen Wheatley, DNP, RN, CENP, Medical Center President
“We will respect you and your time; it is a core component of our patient and family promise. With the use of real-time location technology, we let our patients know their wait time so we can properly manage their expectations.”
Tracey Johnson, Animal Hospital Director
“WorkflowRT provides us with constant visibility into our patient flow, allowing us to be even more effective and focused on delivering the best experience for our patients and their owners.”
Dr. Kevin P. High, Health System President
“We know healthcare is extremely complex; many different areas need to be coordinated, and real-time location sensing allows us to do that in a much more efficient way.”
Dr. Andrea S. Fernandes, Chief Quality, Safety and Patient Experience Officer
“The efficiencies we gained in the clinics and the elimination of wasted providers’ time have had a huge impact on the quality of care we deliver.”
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