About Prompt.Health

Prompt.Health was created by the Infinite Leap team to provide easy and affordable real-time technology solutions that make a big impact on patient experience, increased capacity and access, and improved staff satisfaction. We built Prompt.Health on the following foundation: 


Our solutions are simple in nature, yet powerful enough to transform how your organization operates and delivers patient care.


We are committed to delivering secure and proven solutions designed to meet the stringent requirements of our healthcare clients.

Quick Results

We continue to challenge all barriers of using Real-Time Technologies, so you can start seeing the value of your investment from day one.


Our solutions are designed to meet you where you are.  We serve all clients, from large medical academic centers to small individual practices, across an array of specialties and geographic locations.


Our team, with your feedback, continually enhances our solutions to ensure they work even better for you, your patients, and your staff.

In turn, we hope for a long and collaborative relationship with you. We are better together!