Our Leadership Team

Prompt.Health a division of Infinite Leap

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Kenny Woods

Chief Operating Officer
Kenny is known for his persistent focus on excellence in financial performance, quality, and customer service. As we say, he is always on a mission to create value for our clients and our team members, and he does it with a win-win approach. 

John Olson

Director of Operations, Chief Data Protection Offi
There’s a great quote by Milton Friedman that states, “One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results.” John puts his own spin on that quote, which drives the way he works. 

Joanna Wyganowksa | MBA, PMP

When you meet Joanna, you will not be surprised that we call her our “Energizer Bunny.” She always has a dozen different projects on the go, and completes them all with her awesome smile and “Get it Done” attitude. 
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