Rebuild Patient Trust and Minimize the Spread of COVID-19!

COVID-19 has tipped our world upside down.

Unfortunately, even though healthcare providers have reopened their facilities and are ready to see their patients, patients are afraid to come back!

Leverage Real-Time Technologies!

  • Build patient trust and employee confidence that they are in a safe care environment
  • Promote social distancing among patients and employees
  • Improve patient throughput, allowing providers to catch up on the backlog of appointments caused by COVID-19
  • Reduce the opportunity for the continued spread of COVID-19

Get COVID SAFE CARE Solution Today!

The COVID SAFE CARE solution by Prompt.Health, an Infinite Leap company, directly supports reopening operations safely and reducing the spread of COVID-19, thus is an excellent match for funding via the ERG program.

Designed for clinics, physician practices, and ambulatory surgery centers, as well as large, multi-departmental, multi-location healthcare systems.

The COVID SAFE CARE solution includes:

Virtual Waiting Room

  • Eliminate registration lines
  • Reduce congestion in waiting areas
  • Decrease patient wait time 

Patients can check in from their vehicles and be notified automatically when it is safe to enter the facility.

No lines. No unnecessary contact.

Automated Location-Based Patient Flow

  • Provide real-time visibility into the current location and status of your patients throughout their visit.
  • Ensure that social distancing is adhered to, and eliminate bottlenecks that contribute to the existing backlog of appointments.
  • Generate the revenue needed to stay in business and keep your employees employed.

Shorter visit time. More capacity.

Automated Family Messaging

  • Provide non-contact communication 
  • Reduce number of family members in waiting areas
  • Automated updates reduce burden on staff.

Family members get automated updates as to the appointment or procedure progress and know instantly when they should pick up their loved one.

Less in-person contact. Less risk of spread of infections.

Visitor Management

Limit the risk of exposure to patients and staff by having information at your fingertips on who is allowed to enter the facility.

No need for phone calls. No crowds in entry areas. 

Automated Contact Tracing Solution

Know instantly staff and patients who need to be notified of the potential exposure risk.

Faster tracing. Faster notifications. Faster containment. 

Turn-key Solution

The COVID SAFE CARE solution is cloud-based and pre-configured so you can install it yourself in an hour and start using it the same day!

  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Fast to deploy
  • Scalable from a single department to an entire enterprise
  • All support is handled remotely, 24×7, from a centralized support center located in Fargo, ND


Leverage the Economic Resiliency Grant to open in a safe manner and gain powerful tools that will help you today and well into the future!