What is PerformanceRT?

PerformanceRT refers to the Prompt.Health suite of products. All of our products fall under the PerformanceRT suite. The flagship product of PerformanceRT is WorkflowRT.

What products reside under PerformanceRT?

  • WorkflowRT
  • IntegrateRT
  • ScreensRT
  • KioskRT 


What is WorkflowRT?

WorkflowRT is a user-friendly cloud-based patient flow solution that automates workflow and communication using real-time location technologies (RTLS)

What are the features of WorkflowRT?

  • Workflow view, including:
    • Patient location 
    • Patient workflow 
    • Patient phase of care
    • Phase of care duration 
    • Staff interaction 
    • Patient unattended time
  • Workflow configuration flexibility 
    • Unlimited workflows 
    • Nested workflows
    • Concurrent workflows
    • Non-sequential phases in workflows 
  • Patient queueing enabling the elimination of wait times
  • Automatic visual alerting of bottlenecks and extended durations 
  • Family View Boards giving automatic updates to families throughout their loved ones’ care process 
  • Workflow View Boards giving staff an at-a-glance view of what’s happening with their patients 
  • Patient View Boards with estimated wait times that allow staff to call patients for registration and care 
  • Family messaging with automated messages throughout their loved ones’ care process
  • Patient messaging to call patients for registration and care 

Does WorkflowRT assist with patient flow?

Yes, by utilizing RTLS location movements and adding moment context that is meaningful for users.

Does WorkflowRT enable more efficient delivery models?

Yes, WorkflowRT gives visibility into long wait times or extended durations, allowing staff to make decisions that increase the efficiency of delivery. It also delivers reports that give managers the data to make decisions and increase efficiencies

Does WorkflowRT increase patient satisfaction?

Yes, WorkflowRT increases patient satisfaction by decreasing wait times and giving visibility into extended durations in which patients have been unattended.

Does WorkflowRT work for a single department?

Yes, due to the product being cloud-based with easy configuration and installation it can easily be implemented in a single department. 

Does WorkflowRT scale to an enterprise?

Yes, WorkflowRT can easily scale to an enterprise

What reports are included with WorkflowRT?

There is currently one report in the product that provides:

  • Total patient volume in department
  • Average time in department
  • Total patient volume per workflow 
  • Average time in workflow
  • Total patient volume per phase
  • Average time in phase 

Is WorkflowRT easy to set up and install?

Yes, WorkflowRT is cloud-based software that is easily deployed because it requires no onsite servers. It also has an intuitive design allowing for easy, yet flexible, configuration. 

What other products do you have that work with WorkflowRT?

  • IntegrateRT 
  • KioskRT
  • ScreensRT


What is IntegrateRT

IntegrateRT enables integrations with RTLS hardware, EHRs, and other clinical or scheduling systems. 


What is KioskRT

KioskRT is an easy-install, low-cost option that allows for patient check-in and check-out with RTLS badge association. 


What is ScreensRT

ScreensRT is pre-configured hardware that enables WorkflowRT family, patient, and workflow view boards.