Free Use of Visitor Management and Family Communication Tools to Ease Providers’ COVID19 Workload

Prompt.Health is offering the FREE USE of two of its COVID-19 Emergency Response Solutions to Healthcare Organizations.

Fargo, ND – April 3, 2020 – To support healthcare organizations  during the COVID-19 outbreak, Prompt.Health (an Infinite Leap company), provider of easy and affordable real-time technology solutions, is offering its Visitor Management and Family Communication Solutions at no cost. The primary benefit of these offerings is to ease the workload on overburdened care providers and make it easier for them to provide safe and effective care to those in need.

  • Visitor Management – an easy and convenient way for healthcare organizations to manage visitor access to ensure that exposure risk is minimized.
  • Family Messaging – a simple and secure way to keep patients’ family members and loved ones informed by sending text updates while minimizing the time it traditionally takes care providers to communicate effectively as the solution allows care providers to deliver one message to multiple people, authorized by a patient.

According to John Stehle, Ph.D., CIC, CCHM, and Chief Infection Prevention Consultant at Infinite Leap, “During emergency incidents such as infectious disease outbreaks, it is necessary to strictly monitor visitor access to hospitals to minimize the spread of pathogens. Unfortunately, many healthcare facilities often lack tools to manage the information regarding designated visitors for each patient. This situation can create challenges for access control staff and create frustration for visitors. With our simple-to-use Visitor Management tool, healthcare organizations can make their visitor check-in process more streamlined and facilities safer.”

The use of Prompt.Health Family Messaging has been strongly advocated by Mary Jagim, MSN, RN, CEN, FAEN, the CNO at Infinite Leap and past national president of the Emergency Nurse Association (ENA). “When patients’ family members can’t be at the bedside of their loved ones, it creates feelings of anxiety and distress. By providing clinical staff with a simple tool to provide quick updates on patients via text messages, we can reduce call volume – allowing the care team to focus on the patient – and provide patients with peace of mind knowing their family members are staying informed.”

“Our team members felt compelled to support healthcare providers during their courageous fight against COVID-19. We are doing our best to offer these services without asking healthcare organizations to worry about cost, because there are more important things than budgets and dollars right now. We hope this gives users the ability to get this up and going quickly and relieves some of the burden while providing patients and their families with the means to stay connected when they are required to be physically apart.” said Mark Rheault, CEO of Infinite Leap.

Visitor Management and Family Messaging solutions are part of the Prompt.Health COVID-19 Emergency Response Solutions. These solutions are cloud-based and HIPAA-compliant, enabling healthcare facilities to immediately start using them to the benefit of their staff, patients, and patients’ loved-ones.

Visitor Management and Family Messaging are offered at no cost at least until June 30, 2020. The Family Messaging solution includes 10,000 free text messages and is available to use in the United States.

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