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RTLS Asset Management

Your asset management challenges – solved! 

With mobile medical equipment in constant motion, keeping track of it in a healthcare facility is not easy. Simple tasks, such as finding a needed asset, consume precious staff time and slow down patient care.

A Real-Time Location System (RTLS) provides an accurate and efficient way for staff to easily locate mobile equipment within a facility, without wasting time searching for it in supply closets, patient rooms, or hallways.

Plus, with the ability to set PAR levels, you can ensure the right amount of equipment is where it is needed. 

Meet your real-time asset management

Benefits of using an RTLS-based asset locating solution:

  • Deliver faster and safer care by locating equipment when it is needed – and faster care means more satisfied patients
  • Improve staff satisfaction by giving them a tool to instantly find what they need
  • Strengthen patient safety by quickly locating equipment that is due for preventive maintenance or has been recalled
  • Increase operational effectiveness by converting thousands of hours each year from equipment searches to patient care
  • Streamline operations by monitoring inventory levels of tracked equipment in real time. See what has to be replenished and where and when dirty equipment needs to be picked up
AssetsRT application view of PAR Levels
AssetsRT application view of PAR Levels

Application view of PAR Levels

Display view of PAR Levels
Display view of PAR Levels

Display view of PAR Levels

Real Time Location System Checklist for Patient Flow

AssetsRT Key Features:

  • Find the current location of any tagged asset by typing its name in the search window
  • Assign a friendly name (a common name) to the piece of equipment for better usability
  • Filter assets by asset type to see your current inventory
  • Search for equipment by, model number, serial number, internal health system ID, or manufacturer for faster service response times
  • Show all assets currently in a specific location for better visibility into your equipment fleet
  • Set minimum and maximum PAR levels by equipment type and location
  • See how many assets you have in a specific location and if they fall below or above pre-assigned levels 
  • Understand how long your assets have been in each location to make better use of your equipment fleet


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