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Patient Flow for All Care Settings

Make timeliness your practice standard

Wasted time means missed opportunity - to see more patients, to go home on time, to add a little more comfort to a nervous patient, to experience a shorter wait. And sometimes, wasted time is simply wasted money. 

More visits, better satisfaction, increased safety

Whether running an Emergency Department, an oncology center, an orthopedic group, or any other facility delivering healthcare services, time is precious. And wasted time is something you can never get back. Regardless of your care setting, WorkflowRT from Prompt.Health makes it easy to see the who, where and when of your patient flow. 

Staff get live status view boards for all the information they need to more easily manage their workday, utilize and schedule resources more effectively and be aware of bottleneck and long wait times. Patients and families get live waiting room updates and automated text messages to stay informed at every step of their visit. 

And by eliminating registration lines, reducing time in waiting areas, and providing data on contact tracing, you can feel confident you’re providing the safest care environment for patients, clients and staff. As a result, you can accommodate more visits, enhance safety, increase client satisfaction and ease stress and frustration for everyone on your staff.

“WorkflowRT provides us with reliable and extremely detailed data regarding our patient care operations. With access to this information, we can continually improve our processes and ensure a professional and consistent experience for our patients and their caretakers.”
Jonathan Hughes, Chief Financial Officer at Florida Eye Specialists
and the Director of the Southpoint Surgery Center


Let our Real-Time Location System do the work

We’ve designed a patient flow solution that literally updates itself – no forms, no data pulls, no manual input required. You get patient flow software powered by a real-time location system (RTLS) right out of the box. That means your patient flow software is automatically and continuously updated as patients and staff move around the facility – all without staff lifting a finger.


Let our Real-Time Location System do the work

Live On-Site Patient View Board

WorkflowRT gives your team real-time visibility into the current location and status of every patient in your center through each phase of their visit. Staff can more effectively manage their daily workflow and be aware of bottlenecks, long wait times, and unattended patients.

Patient Flow 2
Patient Flow 2

Patient and Family Communication

Quick at-a-glance screens keep patients updated on expected wait times and automated text messaging gives instant updates to family members. Whether in your waiting room, a coffee shop, or across the miles, patients and families stay informed.

Patient Flow 3
Patient Flow 3

Patient Flow Reports

With built-in patient flow reports, you can keep tabs on your key metrics to start tackling areas for improvement and measure results from day one.

Patient Flow 4
Patient Flow 4

Contact Tracing Reports

Because the WorkflowRT patient flow system uses real-time location technology, you can quickly and easily identify patients and staff who have come into contact with a contagious individual. 

Patient Flow 5
Patient Flow 5

Simple set up, serious effectiveness

Our RTLS technology offers the easiest set up ever! Seriously: No tools, no wires, no complicated IT infrastructure or support needed. Everything you need comes preconfigured for you for a quick and easy self-install; and we handle all updates and maintenance.

1. Plug it in

Just open the box and plug the connectivity station into the power outlet.

2. Place Location Sensors

Attach location sensors to the walls. The location labels on the sensors will tell you where they should be placed e.g. hallway, exam room, etc.

3. Assign badges

Scan a Prompt Pass, give it to your patients when they check in, and start seeing their location and status in real time.

Dare to Compare

Dare to Compare


We’ve designed our patient flow system for organizations like yours. With Prompt.Health, you get true patient flow automation right out of the box. Want to see how we stack up against the competition?

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