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The Power of RTLS

RTLS is an acronym that stands for real-time locating system. These systems are used to monitor the location of people and things in indoor environments.

In healthcare, RTLS can feed status view boards in waiting rooms to keep patients and families informed of wait times and care progression. RTLS can also automate text messages so everyone stays up to date – whether in your waiting room, in a nearby coffee shop, or across the country.

For staff, RTLS delivers all the information they need to better orchestrate patient flow and manage facility assets.

The best part is that all this information updates automatically as people and assets move throughout your facility. That’s right – RTLS means no manual intervention from staff, allowing them to manage their daily workflow more effectively, while knowing that patients and families are getting the information they need as well.

Complicated, confusing and expensive? It doesn't have to be.

Various technologies are used to deliver RTLS, including Wi-Fi, infrared, ultrasound, and other radio frequency systems. But regardless of the technology, the basic components remain the same.



At Prompt.Health, these are wearable badges (Prompt Passes) for patients and staff. Similar tags are attached to mobile medical equipment for asset tracking.

Location Sensors

Location Sensors

Sensors that detect badges and tags and wirelessly communicate their location to a software program. Prompt.Health location sensors are literally plug-and-play.



Software enables you to see the locations of patients, staff, and assets, update patients and staff via live view screens, automate notifications and messages, and deliver reporting.

Designed for facilities of all sizes

RTLS has been inaccessible to all but the largest enterprise healthcare operations and that’s precisely why Prompt.Health was born. Prompt.Health is high tech for all. Prompt.Health solutions offer simplicity and low cost, in pre-configured packages that allow do-it-yourself setup in hours and instant access upon purchase. 

With Prompt.Health, you get technology that’s been used in more complex environments to solve many of the same patient flow and asset management issues you deal with every day. By applying true automation, workflows are optimized, manual work for staff is simplified, and you’ll get value for patients, staff, and providers from day one.  

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