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Workflow Optimization for Emergency Departments

Bring order to your workday and keep your patients informed

With the WorkflowRT patient flow solution, you can see the real-time location and status of your patients, and reduce the chaos in your Emergency Department.

Easily manage the ins and outs of effective patient flow

Once installed, staff can view live status view boards for all the information they need, at a glance. Patients and family members get important updates via text and view boards, and your department gets the data and reporting it needs to analyze the flow of your patients. And by eliminating registration lines, reducing time in waiting areas, and providing data on contact tracing, you can feel confident you’re providing the safest care environment for patients, family members, and staff.


Let our Real-Time Location System do the work

We’ve designed a patient flow solution that literally updates itself – no manual input from your staff required. You get patient flow software powered by a real-time location system (RTLS) right out of the box. That means your patient flow software is automatically and continuously updated as patients and staff move around the facility.

Let our Real time Location System do the work.

Live On-Site Patient View Board

WorkflowRT gives your team real-time visibility into the current location and status of every patient in your Emergency Department through each phase of their visit. Staff can more effectively manage their workflow and be aware of bottlenecks, long wait times, and unattended patients.

Patient Flow 2
Patient Flow 2

Patient and Family Communication

Quick at-a-glance screens keep patients updated on expected wait times, and automated text messaging gives instant updates to family members. Whether in your waiting room, in a car, or across the country, patients and families stay informed.

Patient Flow 3
Patient Flow 3

Patient Flow Reports

With built-in patient flow reports, you can keep tabs on your key metrics to start tackling areas for improvement and measure results from day one.

Patient Flow 3
Patient Flow 3

Contact Tracing Reports

Because the WorkflowRT patient flow system uses real-time location technology, you can quickly and easily identify patients and staff who have come into contact with a contagious individual. 

Patient Flow 4
Patient Flow 4

Quickly Find Medical Equipment

Prompt.Health also offers an RTLS-enabled Asset Management solution so your staff can efficiently find what they need to deliver patient care. Plus, with the ability to set up PAR levels, your Supply Chain team will see when you are running short on a specific equipment type so they can bring necessary equipment right away. 

PAR Level Asset Management
PAR Level Asset Management
Patient flow system for outpatient facilities

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