Contact Tracing with Existing RTLS Infrastructure

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Leverage your existing Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) infrastructure for contact tracing

Hospitals and healthcare systems often admit patients without knowing the status of the patients’ communicable disease(s). This status is only known after a medical evaluation and testing. In this situation, many patients and staff may have been exposed to the now-known communicable disease during their encounters with the patient. The potentially exposed contacts are at risk and need further investigation regarding exposure time and location.

Prompt.Health has a solution that can help. It is simple, affordable, and can be installed in as little as an hour. Utilizing your existing RTLS infrastructure, along with badges for staff and patients, the solution allows your facility to trace carriers and quickly see on a report other patients and staff who may have come into proximity with the infected person.

With the assistance of an automatically generated contact tracing report which leverages data collected by RTLS, healthcare organizations can speed up the process of taking the necessary steps to minimize the spread of the disease. This may include immediately calling anyone who was in proximity to the infected person to let them know about potential exposure, and necessary next steps such as testing and quarantining. Since infectious diseases spread exponentially, the sooner potential carriers are notified and isolated, the faster we can stop potential exposure to other patients, healthcare providers, and the community at large.

The WorkflowRT Contact Report

Features include:

  • Names of staff and patients who were in proximity to the infected person
  • Contact duration with start and end times
  • Location of contact
  • Differentiation of staff or patient contact
  • Location tracking of contact duration to within a few seconds
  • Ability to display contact phone number
  • User-based report access


What is the Contact Tracing Solution powered by WorkflowRT?

The Contact Tracing Solution powered by WorkflowRT allows healthcare organizations to quickly identify which staff and other patients may have come into proximity with a patient who has been diagnosed with a communicable disease.

What is the value of contact tracing solutions?

Contact tracing solutions can help healthcare organizations and staff identify others who may have come into proximity with an infected person in order to more quickly identify those impacted and contain or prevent further spread of the contagion.

What if I already have a Real-Time Location System (RTLS) installed?

If you already have an RTLS sensory network installed, you may be able to leverage it for contact tracing as well. Our WorkflowRT product includes a Contact Report that will provide your staff with an at- a-glance view to see all the patients and staff the patient was likely in proximity with during their healthcare visit.

If I already have RTLS hardware installed, how much does the Contact Tracing Solution cost?

Because we need to have a good understanding of what you already have in place (sensors, badges, etc.), we need to first gather some information from you. If your current system requires additional sensors to enhance the coverage area or additional badges for staff, and/or patients, we can assist in providing those as part of your solution. To receive a quote, please fill out the form and someone from our team will contact you shortly.

What is included in the Contract Tracing Solution if I have an existing RTLS?

This solution includes a WorkflowRT Contact Reports that allows you to quickly see all the patients and staff an infected patient has come into contact with in your facility. You will also receive and be able to utilize all the features of our WorkflowRT product.

How quickly can your solution be installed?

Our Contact Tracing Solution for existing RTLS customers can be installed within 2-3 days of purchase. 

Can I use the Contact Tracing Solution for visitors? 

Yes, you can trace the location of visitors or family members who come to your facility with a patient by giving them a Prompt.Pass. When entering a visitor’s info into the system, we suggest capturing their phone number so you can contact them in case of potential exposure.

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