Medical Surge Site Visibility

There are a variety of incidents that may result in a temporary surge of patients seeking healthcare services, such as mass casualty incidents, pandemics, natural disasters (such as hurricanes or tornadoes), or large planned events (like concerts and sports events). Hospitals may need to establish temporary surge sites to triage and/or treat patients. These can include tents, mobile facilities, or other temporary structures. 

When implementing temporary surge sites, the flow of patients between areas can become chaotic and it may be difficult to locate patients, staff, and needed equipment. A rapid deployment Real-Time Location System (RTLS) can provide zone location of patients, staff, and medical equipment to support efficient care delivery.

Key Benefits

  • Locate patients, staff, and medical equipment in temporary surge sites.
  • Monitor volumes of patients in surge sites for early identification of crowding conditions and need for additional resources
  • Support monitoring of patients and resources by the emergency management command center

Features Include

  • Current locations of patients, staff, and medical equipment
  • Search function for quick look-up
  • Ability to view information on computer screens, mobile devices, and large screen displays
  • HIPAA compliant  

Our simple, affordable, and easy to install Rapid Deployment Kit includes:

  • WorkflowRT Software
  • 100 Prompt Passes for assignment to patients, staff, and assets (reusable, waterproof, sanitizable)
  • 10 Location Sensors – that can plug into any electrical outlet or cord
  • 1 Cellular Gateway – providing stand-alone network connectivity (to the cloud) for the solution
  • 24/7/365 technical support