WorkflowRT for Surgery Centers


WorkflowRT enables surgery centers to:

  • Eliminate registration lines
  • Reduce congestion in waiting areas
  • Decrease patient wait time 
  • Enhance patient and staff safety
  • Increase number of available surgical slots
  • Enhance staff communication and visibility
  • Provide data to make decisions 

WorkflowRT is a user-friendly cloud-based patient flow solution that automates workflow and communication in surgery centers using real-time location technologies (RTLS).

WorkflowRT gives your team real-time visibility into the current location and status of your patients throughout their surgical visit. It allows staff to manage their workflow and be aware of bottlenecks, long wait times, and unattended patients. 

WorkflowRT also enhances patient and staff safety by eliminating registration lines, reducing congestion in waiting areas, and automatically collecting data for contact tracing purposes.

Low Cost. High Value.

WorkflowRT is the most affordable patient flow solution on the market. With a low-cost monthly fee, you can start using the system right away and see its positive impact from day one.

Effortless to Set Up and Maintain 

WorkflowRT is lightweight, cloud-based, and significantly faster to install than traditional RTLS patient flow solutions. You can be up and running in only a few hours. We handle all updates and maintenance so you can focus on your patients. 

Easy to Use

WorkflowRT is designed to be easy to use. Patients can be called to registration with no need to wait in lines. Staff can view live status view boards for all the information they need at a glance. Family members can get important updates via text and view boards. The best part? All information is updated automatically, with no need manual entry needed. 

Patient status information is easily viewable, helping caregivers more quickly identify where they are needed next.

Patient status boards provide live details on estimated wait times for patients and allow registration staff to automate calling patients to registration desks.

With automated text messages, family members get instant updates on which phase of care their loved ones are in. This enables family members to receive timely updates whether they are in the waiting room, at the coffee shop, at home, or across the country.

Patients and their families will stay informed automatically and your practice will have more satisfied patients. 

WorkflowRT also provides your team with the necessary tools to drive continuous process improvements. With built-in reports you can keep tabs on your key metrics to start tackling areas for improvement and measure results. 

Quickly view patients and staff who have come into contact with a contagious individual.

WorkflowRT Key Features

  • Workflow view with patient location, patient phase of care, and staff interaction 
  • Workflow configuration flexibility, including unlimited workflows, nested workflows, concurrent workflows, and non-sequential phases in workflows
  • Enhance patient and staff safety
  • Automatic visual alerting of bottlenecks and extended durations
  • Staff view boards showing status and location of all patients 
  • Family view boards displaying patients’ real-time status to keep family up to date during the care process
  • Patient view boards with estimated wait times
  • Patient queuing for registration and care 
  • Automatic family and patient messaging
  • Process analytics giving visibility into process bottlenecks 
  • Contact tracing report
  • Quick and easy system setup and administration 
  • Scalable from a single department to an entire enterprise
  • Part of an integrated suite of products

Learn how you can focus on restoring your normal surgical caseload while heightening safety measures for patients and staff, including social distancing and limiting exposure opportunities

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